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Vibac® BOPP Box Sealing Tape LNP28 - Honey - Low Noise

Water-based Carton Sealing Tapes are the best solution for reliable, all- temperature, and all-weather box sealing performance. Designed for applications requiring excellent clarity and projects where resistance to aging, weathering, UV light and yellowing are important. Top-quality water-based adhesive provides higher shear strength and superior quick stick performance, while controlled unwind facilitates dispensing operations on manual case sealing machines.
Total thickness micron48.0 micron
IndustryBonding & Assembly
Food & Beverage
Packaging & Shipping
Transportation & Logistics
Backing TypeBOPP
Backing thickness micron28.0 micron
Adhesive typeAcrylic water based
BenefitsLow noise
Tensile strength kg/cm4.5 kg/cm
Elongation at break160%
Adhesion to steel g/cm230 g/cm
Rolling ball test (RBT) cm1 cm
Available width48.0 mm
75.0 mm
Available length132.0 m
66.0 m
Packaging type6 rolls flat pack
Multiple rolls
Single roll