Fragile Tape

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Contact Packaging Ltd are large importers of fragile adhesive tapes

If you’re a moving company you know one of your biggest potential headaches is that staff may mishandle certain valuables that require an easy touch. Delicate items need to be properly packed and labelled to avoid the possibility of accidents that create angry customers intent on securing restitution. The best way to ensure that glassware, glass shelving, artworks, expensive China, flat screen TVs, mirrors, computer monitors and more all arrive at their destination in one piece is to pack them carefully and properly label them with Fragile tape.

Our red and white 'Fragile' tape is the ideal preventive measure to ensure delicate valuables get to their destination in one piece. Strong and tear resistant it provides an ironclad seal that protects contents and sends an unambiguous message to handlers to take it easy. No moving company should be without a generous supply of Fragile tape at all times and your best, most affordable source for high quality Fragile tape is Contact Packaging


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Durable and easy to apply.
Resistant to tearing and bursting.
Suitable for all manner of packing surfaces.
Perfect for sealing boxes that need to be stored for long periods of time.
Easy to read and clearly visible from a distance.