Turnable Pallet Wrap Machines

Stretch Wrapper TMD-P26BRAKEThe TMD-P26Brake is the lowest price machine in our range. The aim is to provide a machine that will improve productivity and the quality / security of the load but for a budget price. The wrap settings and speeds on the P26Brake are all pre-set but to a level that most customers will find satisfactory.Stretch Wrapper TMD-P46POWERThe TMD-P46Power Plus is the new upgraded version of the very successful TMD-P26P. The machine now has a similar touch screen control panel to our top of the range Exp-133. You now have 4 independent wrap programs and can even set different tension levels for different stages of the wrap which is normally unheard of with a budget wrap machine. The P46Power is still made in the same factory using many of the same parts as all our other semi automatic machines.Stretch Wrapper EXP-403The Exp-403 is our brand new entry level premium machine. Despite the low price the operator has full control over how many wraps are applied to the top and bottom of the pallet giving you full control over how much film you apply to the pallet, something you would associate with machines costing much more. Excellent build quality, durability and user friendly. The Exp-403 is set to become one of our biggest selling machines.Stretch Wrapper EXP-108The Exp-108 is by far our biggest selling machine over the last 7 years during which time it has proven to be both user friendly and reliable. Although this machine will ultimately be replaced by the Exp-103 we plan to still keep this machine is a range for a while yet especially as we have so many existing customers looking for additional machines.Stretch Wrapper EXP-133The new Exp-133 is our top of the range semi automatic machine with industry leading programmability. It features 5 independent wrap programs that are password protected to ensure you apply the exact amount of film to every pallet for maximum security & minimum cost every single time. So advanced you can even set the tension levels for different stages of the cycle; an excellent feature for unstable loads or sharp corners. Despite all the all this the machine is still very simple to program.Stretch Wrapper EXP-501The Exp-501 is a traditional turntable type machine that has been designed to be as automatic as possible. Once the film has been loaded into the film jaw clamps there is no need to attach the film to the pallet in the normal way. At the end of the cycle the machine cuts the film with a hot wire, secures the tail end on to the pallet and then grips the film ready for the next load. It even comes with a remote control so if loaded by a lift truck the driver does not have to get out of his vehicle.
Are the machines CE marked?
All our Pallet Wrapping Machines are CE marked and each one is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity listing all the current directives that apply. Please note that we see many machines for sale that carry the CE marking but do not comply. There are possibly 2 reasons for this; 1. They could argue that if a machine is enclosed in barriers it would compensate for any failings and 2. As far as HSE UK is concerned the standards are regarded as good practise and not necessarily law. As you have a duty of care to ensure the machine is safe to use for your operators we prefer our machines to comply from the beginning.
What turntable size should I use?
If you are wrapping standard UK pallets of 1200mm x 1000mm you need a machine with at least a 1650mm turntable. Turntables of 1500mm are designed for use with Euro pallets and should not be used on anything bigger as you will get overhang and this would create a real health risk to anyone stood in the immediate vicinity of the machine. Pallets should fit within the turntable diameter at all times.
How fast are the Pallet Wrapping Machines?
All brake style machines have a maximum turntable speed of 10rpm and this is adjustable from on the Exp-403 & Exp-303 but fixed on the TMD-P26Brake. All power pre-stretch machines have adjustable speeds and a maximum of 12rpm. All machines supply by Contact have magnetic brakes to hold the pallet stable during loading and unloading. They also all have audible cycle start warnings and semi auto machines have a minimum 500mm gap between the edge of the turntable and nearest fixed point.
Can I see a machine in operation?
As we have machines situated all over the UK you should never be too far away from one. We would encourage new clients to visit our existing customers as they will be given an unbiased opinion on the quality of the machine and the service provided however in certain cases we also appreciate that your own pallets need to be wrapped and we would have no problem with bringing a machine for an onsite trial.
Do I get any spare parts with my Pallet Wrapping Machine?
No. Why would you need any if the machine is of a high build quality and reliable?
Do I need a special height sensor for black film?
The standard pallet height sensor fitted to a machine cannot register very dark colours such as black or dark reflective colours such as the dark blue steel drums used widely in the chemical industry. However it is a common misconception that for black film you need a black seeing photo sensor. On our machines we can set the sensor slightly above the film line so it is registering the pallet and not the film as the carriage moves up. On its way back down it is irrelevant what colour the pallet is so you can use a standard sensor in conjunction with black film.