Stretch Film

Hand Stretch FilmHand stretch film is an easy and effective way to secure your palletised goods. It also helps to protect your product against dirt & moisture and offers some surface protection.||Available with standard flush cores or alternatively extended cores which are easy to use without the need for a dispenser.||All hand films are blown and are produced with minimum 30% PCR, available from stock with both standard flush core and extended core.Machine Stretch FilmCast machine stretch film supplied on between 16.2 & 16.5 kilo reels. Its high clarity characteristics make cast film an ideal choice when bar-code scanning is required. As it has very little tack added to the film it is much quieter than blown film as it leaves the roll yet its smooth surface enables the film to stick to itself.||Cast film has a better memory than blown film which ensures a tighter finish after a wrap cycle. We also supply 12mu Power with a guaranteed stretch ratio of 300% to supply the ultimate cost effective wrapping solution and pre-stretched film giving your existing standard machine the same performance and cost savings as a power pre.||All machine stretch films contain minium 30% PCR.Mini Stretch FilmIdeal for bundling small items such as books and stationery or surface protection for products such as the handles on doors and windows during transportation.Printed Stretch FilmMake your pallets stand out by using Printed Stretch film from Contact Packaging. Advertise your Company or products in a unique way plus give your load extra security by making them tamper evident. You can have complex company logos or just a simple “Fragile” print.||Printed stretch film is available in both machine and hand rolls and it made to order.||Please note printed machine film is not recommended for use on a power pre-stretch machine as the stretching of the film through the rollers distorts the print too much.